Video Conferencing Solutions, IVCi, Shares 3 Ways Virtual Reality Will Transform Your Business Meetings In The Future

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As part of continued service to keep businesses aware of the latest in audio-visual technology and video conferencing solutions, IVCi, shares 3 ways virtual reality will transform your business meetings in the future.

As the modern business world continues to adapt to the growing advancements of technology, it is essential that conferencing solutions and spaces meet the demand for meetings that extend beyond the walls of the room.

The use of virtual reality is a growing trend in business conferences and meeting rooms across the globe. No matter the size or industry of your business, advancing business meetings to meet virtual reality needs is a growing necessity.

Below are three ways that virtual reality will take your business meetings through a transition and transform them to be more successful and efficient for the future.

Connection Level Increased

The traditional conference call where those connected via phone does not allow the parties involved to get a thorough experience of their colleagues. In order to have a sense of solid connection level, an in-person business meeting with all parties present is required. With virtual reality, business meetings will allow all parties to experience a connection level as though they were all sitting in the same room.

Eye contact and body language are essential factors during a business meeting. Having the ability to make eye contact with the other parties in the room and analyze body language, can help to make or break decisions. Implementing virtual reality into conference rooms can give CEO’s and other company members the ability to lead effect and meetings.

Effective Collaboration

With traditional conference calls, members can be easily distracted since there is no accountability and will to participate. Virtual reality however, provides companies with the ability to transform business meetings into a table of discussion that allows all involved to participate around the table, just as though they were all sitting in the room together. This can lead to an increased level of engagement and communication throughout the meeting.

Virtual Tours & Demonstrations

Virtual reality is bringing to life the ability to demonstrate new policies and procedures to colleagues not locally available. Many meetings tend to discuss everything from policies to images. Instead of attempting to find the correct slide while one of your colleagues is explaining the information, virtual reality gives you the ability to see the presentation as though they were sitting in the same room.

For those meetings that require you to discuss facility changes, you will have the ability to pick up your device and make a tour while at a meeting. For example, if you are meeting with a client or a business partner about business operations, virtual reality allows your meeting to move with you, and give you the option to tour and demonstrate any issues that may need to be addressed. Such convenience allows the attendees to have a first-hand review without having to leave their respective locations, promoting continued productivity.

Maybe your business is ready to roll out a new product, and your investors out of town would like to see a final product? Virtual reality allows you to not only display your product live but give a demonstration on its operations.


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